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  1. Director Mentor - East Sussex ecommerce company

    Location(s): East SussexThe Founder and Director of an ecommerce menswear retail business that has experienced rapid growth through cashflow alone is now in need of assistance ...

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  2. Summer Visitor Services at Buckingham Palace

    Location(s): LondonWhen the doors of Buckingham Palace’s glorious State Rooms are opened to the public each August and September, hundreds of thousands of people come to...

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  3. Operations and Finance Director

    Location(s): MiddlesexAs a member of the Executive Team in this charity employing 15 staff, you will take lead responsibility for all matters financial, as well as IT, facili...

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  4. Architect

    Location(s): East SussexQualified Architect sought for ongoing consultancy work on a part time basis. The ideal candidate will have RIBA Part 3 and be ARB registered with exper...

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  5. Finance and ICT Manager - Charity, Bath to £30,000

    Location(s): SomersetWorking for this charity, you will gain the rewards and satisfaction of being a key member of a team dedicated to the health, wellbeing and training of ...

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We Champion older workers. We are the leading jobsite for employers wanting to recruit jobseekers aged over 45, 50 and 60.

Skilledpeople.com was created to support employment diversity and encourage more employers to hire people aged over 50. The service we provide matches employers with candidates quickly and at low cost to help employers build more inclusive workforces.

SkilledPeople.com is a leading diversity recruitment agency promoting the commercial benefits of employing people over the age of 50.

The service costs employers £95 + VAT to post a job and search our database of experienced candidates, mostly aged over 50. It is FREE for candidates to register and make full use of the site.

Skilledpeople.com collates full-time vacancies, part-time jobs, project work and self-employment opportunities in the UK for experienced and skilled jobseekers. There are opportunities for people resuming their careers after a break and for those in retirement seeking a new challenge or additional income.

To see what employers say about our service and the quality of candidates on SkilledPeople.com, take a look at these videos of two clients:

Enley Taylor of Elm Park Nursery.

Melanie Johns of Harris Hill.

Use the Quick Search at the top of this page to get an instant overview of the people and jobs registered with our site.

We recognise that some members want to work from home while others are looking for self-employed, consultancy or contract work. Many are from the baby boomer generation - fit, experienced, highly skilled and ready for work.

Anyone can join, but jobs for older people, specifically jobs for the over 45s and over 50s, is a specialisation because skilledpeople.com focuses on providing established employers and start-up businesses with experienced jobseekers. Quite naturally, many of these experienced jobseekers are aged over 45 and 50.

SkilledPeople.com places jobs into a number of different industry sectors, including: accountancy, marketing, sales, planning, safety and IT. Members can register their industry preferences, and can also conduct their own searches for full-time jobs, part-time work, contract-work and short projects within all business and industry categories.

Jobs for over 50s, jobs for people made redundant and retirement jobs can be found in any county, town or postcode in the UK or by searching for keywords, such as “marketing role”.

Completing the jobseeker online registration process will create a CV to impress a potential employer.

Find a job free of charge at skilledpeople.com

Employers of both established businesses and start-up businesses can search the database after registering.

For registered employers, skilledpeople.com will check the membership database every time a new member joins and check for any Jobseekers who match jobs they have registered. All job vacancies posted on the skilledpeople.com website are divided in to industry sectors to ensure that suitable jobseekers are quickly identified.

Employers who choose to recruit staff through skilledpeople.com have access to people with a wide range of skills and qualities, including those who are:

honest, physically fit, flexible, persuasive, reliable, good timekeepers, familiar with basic computer skills, good with numbers/figures, good at presenting, good at letter writing, good at report writing, in possession of good driving records, able to do several things at once, able to work without supervision/on their own initiative, always thinking of better ways to do things, good at coming up with new ideas, able to solve problems, good at making decisions, experienced at managing projects, good at getting things done, good organisers, willing to question processes or the way things are done, good at encouraging others, experienced at supervising others, good at managing people, experienced team leaders, experienced managers, experienced directors/general managers, good at dealing with customers, experienced at retail sales, experienced at telesales, experienced at business to business sales, good at making and maintaining contacts, good with people on the phone, successful negotiators.

Employers can advertise a job vacancy so that any visitor to the site, whether a registered candidate or not, can see the basic details of their job.

Jobseekers can be recruited on a full-time, part-time, contract or Project basis. The jobseekers who sign up for short term Project work are called the skilledpeople.com Silver Bullets.

Skilledpeople.com Silver Bullets cover all industries, from Advertising to Warehousing, with job functions ranging from Accountancy to Writing. Their backgrounds match, and in many cases exceed, those of consultants within the large management consultancy firms – yet, at £185 per day, they charge a fraction of what you’d have to pay a KPMG or Deloittes. 

At skilledpeople.com, start-up businesses can find highly experienced, skilled people from backgrounds including: finance, administration, operations, IT, sales, marketing, public relations and customer services to help grow their business.

The Charges  for posting job ads are extremely reasonable.

Using skilledpeople.com as a recruitment resource will enable employers to provide positive evidence that, in their search for experienced staff, they have actively considered mature people who, before the 2006 Age Discrimination legislation, may have escaped their radar.

Employers should use skilledpeople.com to:

  • Reach skilled employees who have valuable, practical experience and can “hit the road running”
  • Reach people who are willing to be flexible with regard to working hours and their terms of engagement
  • Reach experienced people who are actively looking for employment – people who actually want to work!
  • Reach employees who are conscientious, good at time keeping and able to act as mentors to younger staff
  • Demonstrate compliance with the Age Discrimination legislation, by pro-actively seeking employees from the older age groups
  • Target mature, experienced people without falling foul of the discriminatory descriptions attributed to the legislation
  • Specifically target people who have the appropriate skill-set for a vacancy
  • Avoid potential problems with retirement legislation by employing mature people on short-term fixed contracts or on a short-term project basis
  • ‘Quick search’ the database of members with anonymity and without the fuss of registering
  • Post vacancies quickly and efficiently without the need to meet and brief an agency recruiter, face to face
  • Receive immediate notification if a candidate suitable for your post registers with skilledpeople.com
  • Make direct contact with suitable candidates without the involvement of recruitment agencies
  • Recruit experienced people without incurring huge agency fees
  • Quickly access CVs and prospect for the right employees  

In summary, skilledpeople.com is the one-stop-shop, matching employers with experienced people who are seeking: full-time employment, part-time jobs, self-employment, contract-work or voluntary positions.

Still not sure about using the internet to advertise your vacancy or find a new job? Take a look at this article in our Viewpoint section.

Skilledpeople is part of the Laterlife network of websites helping the over 50s get more out of their working and social lives. Laterlife.com has been created to help people aged over 50 get more out of life. You can read more about it here.